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Meet Jean Francois of

Jean Francois helps in the online promotion world, promoting on social networks, blogs, directories, and more.

1. In your view, what sets apart from other online printers?

At we offer real (human) customer service, where we actually care about design and printing orders. We actually care so much about customer design files, errors, and mistakes, that we even communicate with customers like friends. We help customers to fix their uploaded files, etc. Sometimes, we even do the corrections on the uploaded design file on behalf of the customer. This has helped gain our customers' trust a lot these days.

2. What does the name "55Printing" mean? was born from "A total of 55 printing products." We aimed to offer 55 or more products related to the printing and design field, all with the lowest and best price in the competitive online market.

3. What are some of the most popular products on your site?

Since we went live at our top selling products has been the postcards, business cards, and the EDDM eligible postcard printing product for the USPS delivery system. We also have a top 10 product category where we have collected the most popular products and the ones that our customers order often, like the letterhead printing and envelope printing products; these are very popular as well because of the fact of businesses re-ordering monthly.

4. Do you have some tips for people to make sure that their printed products come out looking just right?

Yes, we do have free templates on our website; customers can download these templates and place their design on top of this file to make sure all design guidelines are within the required distance from borders and also that the color settings (CMYK) look as it should with their design file. Also we offer a FREE design proof service: within four hours of placing the order, we send the customer a proof file with all guidelines and possible recommendations, totally for free. If customer choose to receive the free proof, will not proceed to print before proof approval from customer.

5. What's the favorite part of your job working for do you ever run special pricing promotions?

I personally enjoy this job because working on one of the simplest and, at the same time, lowest priced printing companies online, it is very easy to attract new customers. Plus, we always see people happy with their savings and product quality, lovely!

On top of our already very low pricing scheme, we do also have a constant 5% off right at the left hand side of the site, you will see a banner for social sharing, and if a customer has used our services and opts to recommend us or if someone tries us and wants to share this experience, we will provide them with a 5% off right at that moment of their sharing.

Thanks, Jean!

Introducing Unlimited Business Strategies, Inc

Did you know that many new businesses fail within three years of opening? The people behind Unlimited Business Strategies, Inc know this very well. In fact, it's what motivated them to start their own business, with the goal of helping business owners build credit and have better access to the necessary capital to sustain and grow a new venture.

The company's motto is "Where Business Credit & Capital Meet." Their activities are twofold. On the one hand, they can help businesses find creative funding options so that the businesses can afford to grow. On the other hand, they also help businesses build a stronger business credit profile, which in turn opens more funding and credit options.

By helping businesses access the funding they need to stay in business, Unlimited Business Strategies sees results on a larger scale that goes beyond the specific companies they work with. This is because when they help an individual business, they help the community, too, by bringing more job opportunities to that community and also infusing more money into the local economy.

The people at Unlimited Business Strategies also have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and will work with each individual business owner to find the best solutions for their individual short-term and/or long-term needs. If you don't have great personal credit, you may think you won't qualify for business credit, but it really is worth the time to work with professionals and see what funding options are available to you both now and in the future once you build your business credit.

To learn more, visit

Meet Pauline Baylock, Reiki Practitioner and Health Coach

Pauline Baylock is a certified Reiki practitioner and AADP Certified Health Coach. Her company, Balance Life 360, views wellness as a multifaceted labor of love, one that should combine self-care for the mind, body, and spirit. Her passion is empowering people to explore integrative healing modalities, relaxation techniques, and spiritual practices that restore, enhance, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pauline's most recent project is expanding her practice to include mobile Reiki sessions in the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas. Learn more about Pauline and her company at

1. How did you first become aware of Reiki--and what inspired you to learn to become a Reiki practitioner?

I'd been vaguely aware of Reiki for many years. I would meet a Reiki practitioner here and there, but I never asked for a full description of what Reiki is, which is interesting now that I'm thinking about it because I'm usually more inquisitive about things that intrigue me. I knew it was energy healing that involved placing your hands on the recipient. I was always intrigued by Reiki; the word itself is quite unusual and always had a mysticism about it. I'd always wanted to try a session, and the idea of Reiki had a compelling allure to me.

My first attunement--that's when the transference of the Healing Energy is passed from the Reiki Master to the student--was a a game changer for me. I decided I wanted to do something personal and special to celebrate my 50th birthday. I was already on the path of spreading my wings spiritually, and in other areas of my life; I guess you can say I was having an awakening on many levels: reclaiming my power, validating, valuing, and stepping up for myself, etc. So it seemed like taking the Reiki class happened at the right time, or more specifically in Divine Order. I knew in my heart that I discovered two things that weekend: one was the perfect vehicle for me to use to get people to initiate a self-love, self-care regimen, and the other was that Reiki was going to enhance my entire life.

I'll never forget what a couple of fellow students said to me on day two of the class: "Pauline, something has shifted with you; it seems like you have a peaceful glow." That was interesting because I didn't notice any major shifts that I thought others would pick up on, only internal stuff that I was feeling a because I was spending my birthday doing something loving and beautiful for me. Whatever "it" was, was very noticeable to people that didn't even know me. I thought to myself "Wow, this stuff is deep!"

2. How does Reiki fit into the context of the self-care and healing practices you have been engaged in with your company, Balance Life 360? 

First of all, let me say that my healing practice at Balance Life 360 is Empowering People to Choose a Healthy Life. 

This is a good question, Mandy, because self-care, is just what it states: self-care. Reiki self-care is a part of my daily healing routine. I'm experiencing positive changes in many areas of my life, which makes me a clearer vessel for the transference of Reiki energy to my clients. As I continue to practice Reiki on myself, I'm becoming a better practitioner, and I'm growing spiritually as well. The extra benefit is that it's helping me to understand that people are as unique as fingerprints, and it isn't until you begin to deal with everyone as a unique individual that you are an effective conduit for their healing. No matter what your practice is.

Balance Life 360 is about encouraging people to explore their options when it comes to healing modalities. Self-care should be a multifaceted labor of Love. Reiki is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to introduce a self-care practice into their life because Reiki balances the energy in our body, and enhances our body's natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is unique in that it's individualized: it gives each recipient what they need, bringing all the areas that are out of balance in their life into balance. 

Balance Life 360 is a holistic approach to healing that encompasses all aspects of the client's life. It's taking into account what's eating them as well as what they're eating. It's then it's gently supporting, loving, and empowering the client to develop a self-care or as I like to call it self-love system that feels right for the individual.

3. What has been your own experience in developing healthy habits, and how has your own experience motivated you to help others? 

Trial and error, going easy on myself. I'm not out to prove anything to anyone, and I don't define myself by my diet, which changes according to my moods, or how much I weigh. Rather, I pay attention to what my body communicates to me. Yes, we have to learn how our body communicates with us, and that will eventually lead you healthier habits. Like everything else, committing yourself to a healthier lifestyle is a habit. I'm still giving myself time to develop healthier habits in all aspects of my life; it's an ongoing process. 

It's crazy that we think we can change a lifetime of behavior overnight--it's not realistic, and were setting ourselves up for failure. Let's take nutrition, for example. I come from a culture where food is a very important aspect of bonding and our celebrations. I've grown up on some of the most culturally diverse foods that you can imagine, from my southern roots to the many friends and loved ones of different ethnic backgrounds that have entered my life. Food, or should I say experimenting and enjoying rich delicious food, is as much a part of my spiritual flow as breathing! I've added healthier options and have developed a deep appreciation for high vibration foods, those foods that give us life and energy, so my desire to eat unhealthy foods has diminished considerably; however, I'd be lying to you if I told you fried chicken, lasagna, and macaroni and cheese and a delicious glass of wine were a thing of the past for me, LOL!

When you're taking loving care of yourself on a regular basis, then you don't have to become a fanatic about anything in your life. My healthy habits are me doing what feels good and right for me. Sometimes it's bike riding or a trampoline workout, and here and there I've experimented with yoga. At times it's a vegetarian or vegan flow, morning lemon water.... 

My staples are drinking lots of water, making green drinks, and doing lots of walking and reading. Nourishing the mind is just as important as nourishing the body. The most important life changing habit is daily meditation. It's my time to connect with my source, my divinity, my light. My opportunity to connect to my true self, and get answers to many of my questions, direction, my time when I most experience unconditional love, my moment of peace.

Wow, it seems each question takes me deeper into myself.

4. Would you tell us a little bit about your mobile Reiki practice?

My mobile Reiki practice is just like the name says, mobile. It's part and parcel to who I am as a person; I don't like to feel encumbered or tied down--I like the freedom of being able to meet people at different locations, participate in events that wouldn't normally have a Reiki practitioner there. I noticed most people were tired of going to the gym, or having to rush to a class of one kind or another, and a lot of people don't have the energy to add anything else on their plate. Many people tell me they like the privacy of their own environment, and some say they don't have time to add another appointment to their a schedule--however, if they didn't have to leave the house....!

Mobile Reiki speaks to all of these issues, and I can relate to most of what people were telling me because these people are me, either now or at one point in my life. I love working out in the privacy of my own home, creating my own schedule. There was a time when I had ZERO energy to do anything, and Reiki is a energy balancing therapy that not only enhances a person's energy level, but it also makes people feel good. NONE of the people I spoke to had a problem with feeling good--in fact, EVERYONE is open to feeling good. BINGO!!! Reiki makes you feel good, which then makes you want to do other things that make you feel good, work out, eat right, create a hobby, seek more interesting friends, improve your intimate relationships and so on and so on.

Reiki, I discovered, is a catalyst for introducing other healthy habits into your life, which in turn makes you healthier by default. POW!!! I ask my clients at the beginning of a session or before a demonstration, if they are willing to set an intention to feel good, and surrender to the process. Everyone is is usually OK with that request.

5. What else would you like readers to know about Reiki and about your work as a Reiki practitioner?

I'd like people to know that there are no silver bullets. Reiki can be an invaluable part of a consistent self-care regimen that has enormous health and spiritual benefits, but it's not everything. We have to be willing to love ourselves enough to make our wellness a top priority in our lives. No one can give that to a client--not your family, your lover, or your Reiki practitioner. We have to be brave enough to participate in your own rescue. The Reiki practitioner is not the healer; we are conduits, vessels, and supporters, but we are not the healers. That comes from a higher source and within the individual. We all have the power to heal ourselves, our body, in its healthiest state with self healing, and sadly many of us are not aware of this power.

Sharing Reiki continues to be a humbling experience to me on so many levels--most importantly, it gives me tremendous joy to be a part of another person's journey. 

It takes one person to change your life, YOU!

Thanks, Pauline!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meet Aurora Afable, Entrepreneur and Blogger

Aurora Afable is a biochem student, blogger, entrepreneur, and more. She's been blogging since she was 16, and over time, it became her profession. She has also written and published a book about outsourcing. Learn more about Aurora and her work by checking out her sites, Cool College Helpers and The Modern Catholic.

1. When did you first become interested in being an entrepreneur?

I've always had an interest in entrepreneurship since I was very young. I lived in a different country back then, and I would sell candy or cellphone credits (since I'm a reseller) to other people. The candy didn't work out, though. I ended up eating the inventory I had! When I moved here, I was eager to find out more about how entrepreneurship worked here. It's very different compared to the previous environment I was in.

Of course, over here everything is modern, so I decided to go to the marketing route, since I'm a technology power-user. I couldn't settle to do the regular college-related jobs. Sadly, I don't have the same amount of energy most college students have because I served in the military (but that's another story). Instead, I took the risk (since it's fun) and just did it. I don't even know how it all began. I guess one day I just woke up and decided that I was going to buy hosting and get myself the two websites.

2. How did you decide on the topics for your websites, Cool College Helpers, and The Modern Catholic?

Good question! You don't find a lot of student entrepreneurs in this niche (as far as I'm concerned). My motto is "there must be a better way," so I have a knack for finding out the best things about how to get something done or make something more enjoyable. My family members always ask me advice on how I do things, and I also had some of my friends do the same when I first started college. I guess you can consider me as a risk-taker because I don't care to fail. All that matters to me is being able to accomplish my goal no matter how many times I fail. This has given me plenty of insight and experience on certain ideas so that I can kind of predict the outcome of a situation. Because I'm a student, I have so much knowledge about the topic that I thought I'd share the tips I have to the world. I really love helping people out. Cool College Helpers is about helping working college students out. I don't do it because of the money. I do it because helping an individual who needs your help not only benefits that person, but it also benefits you because you realize that you're needed in the world.

The Modern Catholic first started off as my personal blog. I guess you can call this blog "pure." I knew I had to change it when I realized that all my interests would not fit this particular theme. The goal of The Modern Catholic was to basically document my journey as I try to come back to my faith, or to God. There was a time in my life where I doubted God. That was when I was depressed, was not doing well in school, had broken up with someone I truly loved, and just seemed to be stuck in a hole. Truly, that was the most challenging year in my life (thus far). I moved to California to leave that and decided to be happy again. The Modern Catholic definitely keeps me straight and reminds me to take a moment and remember my beginning. I believe that some people experience this also, so I decided to make this journey go public.

3. Do you create all of your own content for your sites, or do you work with freelancers at all? In other words, how do you balance your studies with your websites?

I'm really glad you noticed. It is difficult, after all, to work in your career, try and find yourself, and manage to try and help people out. As I started building a site, I did outsource to Filipinos for awhile. There are only a couple articles at CCH that have been written by them, but I was never happy about it because it lacked culture. After a month or so, I decided to let go of them and just write my own articles. The content needed was based on my experience, and it was hard for them to interpret that in writing. Mind you, most of my staff had bachelor's degrees, but the culture just wasn't there. To answer your question, I write ALL the content of my sites except all the legal notes on them.

4. In your opinion, how long does it take to achieve success?

It depends on what you mean by success. My meaning of success would be having a good amount of readers that come back to your site because they trust the kind of advice it gives, or it makes them feel good, or they think that it helps. With a large amount of observation and trial and error, it isn't far. I have been doing this since March, and with the right amount of content, and followers, we've been doing better every day. We have generally increased the fans of our social media profiles, and we've actually had people want to do guest posts. To me, seeing it grow from what it used to be to what it now feels like I am going somewhere like I'm closer to success. At this rate, success seems like it'll be here in about a year hopefully.

5.What do you plan to accomplish, in the next year or so?

Honestly, I haven't even planned that far! I have too many ideas and writing on my hands. Evidently, I am getting there. I just finished scheduling articles for the next three months. At this rate, I should be able to find out a realistic goal for next year. Every day counts as it's part of my statistics. Some days are difficult, and some days are just wonderful, especially when people tell you that what I wrote truly helped them. It's very addictive... I don't receive a lot of gratitude, but out of all the hard work you do, a small thank you once in a while can keep you going. I think it's the same concept as eating sunflower seeds. The amount of work you put into opening the shell does not equal to the amount of food you get. However, a tiny piece of that reward is still enough for you to keep opening a hundred more.

Thanks, Aurora!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Introducing Guardia, a Security and Private Investigations Company

Guardia is a full-service security and private investigations company offering services Australia-wide and sometimes involved in international projects. Since opening in 2002, due to the niche of the business and great quality services, Guardia has expanded rapidly, servicing all sorts of clients and VIPs for all types of matters.

1. What are some of the most common services that Guardia provides?

Guardia specialises in a range of highly professional skilled services such as private investigations, personal bodyguards, VIPs escorts, and even international security.

2. I think that a lot of people imagine individuals hiring private detectives, but would you tell us more about the commercial work you do in investigating white collar crimes?

White collar crime is a very serious issue. The multi-million dollar price tags attached to some economic crimes are so staggering I don't even know where to begin! There are so many different issues that arise in these areas; however, we do have professionals that can carry out a wide range of services such as workplace theft, frauds, intellectual property theft, commercial espionage, insurance investigations, and much more.

3. What should someone look for to make sure they are hiring the best private investigator for either a personal or business matter?

Guardia is a member of the Australia Security Industry which only recognizes companies that are at the highest level of security professionalism. We also offer international services for some of the biggest organizations. Due to our policy of protecting our clients' privacy, we cannot really discuss the details.

4. In addition to your work in Australia, what sorts of jobs does Guardia handle internationally?

As mentioned just now, we cannot get into too much detail. However, we have provided a range of services such as transporting high amounts of cash security with the assistance of our highly trained and armed guards. We have also been involved with escorting some of the world's most important people safely without any breaches.

5. What is a good rule of thumb for knowing when to hire private investigation or security services, and when to call the police or other authorities?

A lot of innocent people and organizations never get the justice they deserve due to lack of evidence provided to the higher authorities. Before getting authorities involved, it is important to have professional and documented evidence, which is what we can provide for you. This is one of the many services we can provide at Guardia.